French Enamel Charmer

french enamel 1-EC

A friend messaged me about this antique dresser - she asked if I would possibly be interested in purchasing it from her as she simply had no time for another project right now. I scheduled a time to stop out to see it to be certain it would be an appropriate project for a makeover. I knew from the second I laid eyes on her, she would be awesome with a makeover! I also decided the second I saw … [Read more...]

Adorable Antique Washstand in Kitchen Scale Milk Paint

ks washstand 6 - EC

This washstand is part of a matching set I purchased the other week. I chose to paint the two pieces differently rather than sell them as a set. Sets always seem more difficult to me to sell. Here is the sister piece: You can see more about this pretty Victorian dresser by clicking HERE. Her sister looked like this before I went to work on her with my paint brush... She is such an … [Read more...]

Adorable End Tables

End tables 1

You guys are going to adore these perfectly sweet little end tables I found the other day. Aren't these the cutest things you ever did see?!?! Did you gasp a little? I did the second I saw them. They were right up my alley. Yup. I was thrilled to find them to redo and knew they would be perfect pieces for the shop. I originally planned to paint these in Annie Sloan's Old White which I … [Read more...]

Vintage End Tables

Rachel's End Tables 2 - EC

So we all seen those drum tables from the 1970's. Aw heck, I even had them when I was growing up. Yes, I am a child of the 70's. The tables are functional, but not necessarily pretty. A friend came to me and asked me to redo hers. I was more than happy to help. With paint, there is always hope! Here is where her tables began: I thought they had great potential. The hardware was kinda … [Read more...]

Ugly Sideboard Makeover

Rustic black buffet 1 - Embracing Change

Oh my. This piece was not pretty. Whew. It's a little hard on the eyes. Maybe a little painful to even look at. I know what you are thinking.   What on Earth can be done to that piece?  It is REALLY ugly.   Yeah, I knew that when I got it, but I knew a little paint could save the day. Paint is an amazing thing.   Behold its power: This gorgeous hardware is from D. Lawless … [Read more...]

Mixed Milk Painted Dresser

turquoise dresser 6 - Embracing Change

I am sure you know by now just how much I adore milk paint.  It is a very different paint in which to work with, but I really love it.  I will share some more on my experiences in painting with milk paint later on, but for now, I wanted to show you how this pretty little dresser came out.  I know it would look great in my home so this one will be hard to part with... Here is the before... Her … [Read more...]

My Living Room Makeover and a Little Surprise

Living Room 2 - Embracing Change

        I am not sure if you recall, but my family moved from Northeast Pennsylvania to the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania area in August.  My husband is a pastor and the Lord called us to the area to minister here.  We had spent the last 10 years up north where Chris pastored a great church in the Northeast Pennsylvania area, but God impressed it upon our hearts that a change was coming.  We … [Read more...]

Winter White Dry Sink Makeover

Winter White Dry Sink 1 - Embracing Change

So if you saw this dry sink posted on Craigslist, would it have interested you?  Or revolted you? Would you have paid attention or just kept going? I think this one was overlooked. It is a nice, solid wood piece with great potential...the problem was that it was difficult to see the potential in it. In fact, I posted this very picture on my Blessed Nest page on Facebook to see if anyone was … [Read more...]

Exquisite Emma: Sophisticated Vanity Makeover

Vanity 1 - Embracing Change

This one didn't start out so exquisite. She had to grow into that title. She started out relatively boring and quite understated. I loved her curves. She had more to give than she showed...she was in need of some sparkle. Her feminine beauty needed unleashed. I was hoping I make her over so you could see her hidden beauty. I used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Trophy and Miss Mustard … [Read more...]

Charming Antique Dresser

Charming White Dresser 11 - Embracing Change

I love this little dresser...she is so charming.  I loved her details - the wood knobs, carvings, casters, and the keyholes.  Just a lovely gal.  She didn't need much for a little spruce up...she has good bones.  Here she was right when I brought her home: Here is after I brought her home and gave her some lovin': She is all spruced up and pretty now. I love her all … [Read more...]