Rustic Boxwood Dresser Makeover

My friend was selling a dresser that she had never got around to refinishing. I was excited to check it out as buying pieces is a challenge as there are LOTS of people painting where I live...makes me crazy.  Her BEFORE picture wasn't so bad...she was super cute and would be lovely with a little TLC. I had a vision about what I wanted to do with her right way! I used Miss Mustard Seed's Milk … [Read more...]

Sophisticated Artissimo Buffet

I know a lovely lady that just happened to be scaling down her collection of furniture...she called on me to see if I were interested in purchasing anything. I was happy to oblige and stopped by to have a look. This sweet buffet immediately caught my eye. I have been doing this long enough to know just what I am looking for. This piece was an old beauty and in pretty good shape for its age. I … [Read more...]

Beautiful Rustic Dresser: The BIG Transformation

I found this sweetheart of a dresser this past weekend...I made time to go pick it up and didn't hesitate. I have found that if you wait, you can easily lose an item. That was not a risk I was willing to make so I rushed right over. What I found was a dresser with loads of potential..and goopy, thick red paint. The paint was pretty much just slopped on. It almost had the consistency of a … [Read more...]

Guest Post For Carrie at Hooked On Decorating

Hi! I am Stacey from Embracing Change! Carrie invited me to stop over today to her awesome blog and introduce myself as well as show you a little about what I am passionate about.  I have a passion for restoring and recreating unloved furniture.  I love to take the old and make it new.  A good furniture makeover is what it is all about! I also craft and create home decor, but my true love is … [Read more...]