Farmhouse Cabinet in Miss Mustard Seed’s Farmhouse White Milk Paint

I was pretty excited when I spotted this antique hutch for sale - she was perfectly lovely - pretty and with amazing character. I didn't hesitate in buying her at all - I figured I could worry about that missing glass in the door later. Her turned legs and carved details got me! I knew right away I wanted to paint her white- ironically since I just blogged about how to choose color for a piece … [Read more...]

Sweet Farmhouse White Dresser

I was so eager to get painting this adorable dresser up that I forgot to take a before picture! I am so sorry about that! I suppose it happens. Plus with my time being tied up with a part-time job other than painting I have to move FAST when I do have some spare time. Anyway, I found this sweet antique dresser on Craigslist. It was just my style. I was pretty happy when I messaged the seller … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Sweetheart

What is it about white? Any furniture refinisher or painter would likely tell you that white is the hardest color to work with. It is a pain to paint with as sometimes stain bleeds through it. It takes a GAZILLION coats. And it isn't very forgiving...meaning it shows imperfections all too well. And is so pretty. I guess it is a LOVE/HATE thing. I hate to paint with it, but I love … [Read more...]

Chippy White Empire

 I spotted this gorgeous empire dresser at a YARD SALE. A yard sale! Can you believe it? I don't know how it is in your neck of the woods, but finding good quality pieces of furniture at yard sales doesn't happen often here. Where I live, everyone and their Mother has taken up painting so competition is rough. Lots of demand for pieces has killed the supply if you will. It is … [Read more...]

Sweet Vintage China Cabinet Makeover

I loved this cute china cabinet when I saw was so vintage sweet! I hadn't painted one in awhile so I decided to buy it and refinish it. It was adorable and I simply couldn't resist! I thought green would be the perfect color, but when I checked my stash, I saw that I didn't have quite enough of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Boxwood and thought I would add some of my Miss Mustard … [Read more...]

Two-Tone Mustard Seed Yellow Dresser Makeover

 This dresser is much too cute. She is a great size and I loved those carved pulls! Such cottage charm :)  I wanted to keep her sweet cottage look so I chose to paint her up in Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint (with the bonding agent)  in Farmhouse White and Mustard Seed Yellow. I went two-tone with her painting the base one color and the drawers another. I distressed her a little and then … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Dresser in Farmhouse White

  If you recall, I had told you I was headed to Lucketts Spring Market this year in quaint Leesburg, Virginia. It is a trip that I have been making annually for three years now. I think it is soon safe to call it a tradition, right? It is a great day away to spend shopping with my Mama...we always enjoy the time together. Plus there are SO MANY GOOD THINGS. If you are close by, you … [Read more...]

Sweet Little Farmhouse White Cutie

When I spotted this cute dresser, I thought I had found a gem. I was pretty excited to pick her up and see if my hunch was correct. Honestly pictures can be deceiving so you just never know. And the seller descriptions....oh boy. You just don't know until you go to pick up a piece. Fortunately I was right. She was a gem. Definitely not perfect, but really adorable. She was super old (her … [Read more...]