Snow Day Therapy

After great anticipation, we finally had our first official snowstorm of the season today. We were slated to get 4-8 inches, but it turned out to be just 2 inches after all the hubbub. I thought it was kind of a dud, but it was so pretty after the snow fell. Plus we had our first snow day of the school year and my girls were pretty happy about that! I was too to be honest... I had just … [Read more...]

A Bit of Christmas

I am beginning to realize just how far I have strayed away from sharing about my own personal life and experiences on this blog. I share about my furniture makeovers and such, but not much else. I am not sure why...may not having enough time has factored into it, too. I am now working to refinish furniture as well as a part-time job for the local school district in addition to parenting two … [Read more...]


(Pinterest) I have to tell you...since the holiday, my motivation has been zapped.  My creative energy has been lacking.  I am not sure why.  The month of December was super busy and now we are settling down into a routine again so I am just wondering when my creative energy will return.  Honestly, painting in a cold garage is not fun so I am sure that helps to add to my slumpiness.  I am not a … [Read more...]

I Love Fall

Fall has always been my most favorite season of all. Even as I get older and enjoy the hot summer months more and more, I still think Fall trumps them all. Curious why? Here are the things I love about this glorious season: The gorgeous fall foliage... Warm days and cool nights... That smell in the air... Campfires... Carving pumpkins with my family... Fall hikes... Pumpkins and … [Read more...]

Embracing Change: The Next Stop On The Blog Tour

      I was introduced last week by Delia from Revived by Delia to participate in a blog tour so readers could get to know other bloggers as well as have an opportunity to share more about myself.   I figured why not? I know bloggers share their projects and ideas and continually inspire us but we don't often hear about them on a personal level so the idea appealed to me.  You see, I make no … [Read more...]

My Fall Gallery Wall

I haven't been able to paint and work in my garage at all this week due to the 12 stitches in my left hand. I sure do miss it. I have at least 10 projects in my garage waiting for their turn, too. I guess they will just have to be patient. I did manage to finish up a project INSIDE the house today - I put up a new gallery wall in my living room! Woo hoo! My fall colors in my home are … [Read more...]

Family Vacation

In the last few years, we began the tradition of going on a brief family vacation ... just me, my husband Chris and our girls Emma and Ana.  No others.  No family stress and strain.  Just a nice time to be together and reconnect.  A time to recharge.  It is always an awesome time.  This year was no exception.  We took a three hour trip to Wildwood Crest, New Jersey and stayed in a nice hotel right … [Read more...]

Birthday Girl!

Someone very special to me is celebrating a birthday this week. This little lady is turning 6 on Tuesday!! I can hardly believe it but it is true. Today we celebrated with a little party. It was great fun for us all. We just LOVE parties. Good gravy, I love that girl. I am truly blessed. … [Read more...]

My Goals For 2014

I dislike the word "resolution" as it carries such a negative connotation.  And it almost always seems to refer to ideals that are unattainable.  I prefer the word "goal."  I am a very goal-oriented person.  I am continually making goals for myself.  I am sort of an accomplishment junkie if you will.  I strive to accomplish and get what I need to get done.  Striving to finish my task is the … [Read more...]

Healthy Changes

It is a new year. And like the rest of the world, I am trying to make some changes in my life. I have various goals (I dislike the word resolution) for this year. Family goals.  Ministry goals.  Blogging goals.  Goals for the Nest.  Personal goals.   Oh yeah. I am welcoming a fresh start. You know me...I am all about embracing change. One of my goals for this year is to be … [Read more...]