Schloss Buffet Makeover


I couldn't believe I was able to easily snag this stunning buffet. I found it posted for sale on a Facebook sale site and it was there a day or two before I sent over a message to the seller. I couldn't believe no one got to it before me! I took my Mom to help me pick it up...not that she actually helps me load pieces as she probably 85 pounds, BUT her company is nice. She's so supportive of … [Read more...]

Schloss Beauty

schloss beauty 1- EC

I didn't mind driving 45 minutes one way for this lovely depression-era beauty. My pleasure. The picture was a little unclear so I wasn't sure quite what I was getting. I was more than pleasantly surprised. I loved her tiered look, her turned legs and all her pretty carved details. Oh my. Isn't she a doll? She came with an amazing mirror too ... I couldn't wait to get her painted up! She … [Read more...]

Schloss Washstand Makeover

schloss washstand 1- EC

  I had been hunting for a piece of furniture for a client of mine for months. I had searched high and low for the perfect piece for Dana's upstairs hallway. Dana knew the style and size she needed and I offered her lots of choices over those few months. On another furniture pick up, I saw it. THIS was THE PIECE! I knew it was JUST what she was looking for! I was pretty excited and … [Read more...]

Layered Milk-Painted Desk Makeover

schlosstypewriter desk 1

I spotted this gem of a desk at a favorite haunt of mine...I wasn't even IN THE DOOR when I spotted it. I thought it was such a cool piece - so unique. It was older and I thought it may have even been handmade by the looks of it. I liked that it has straight and simple lines and that this was a piece a guy would be equally as likely to own as a gal. When I shop for pieces, I always bear in … [Read more...]

Stunning Schloss Dresser

schloss empire 3- EC

I found this gorgeous empire dresser from a furniture friend of mine that was selling it. You see ... she cleans out estates and then resells amazing piece of furniture like this. It is good to have friends like her. I loved this one the second I laid eyes upon it. I have an affinity for empire dressers you see. This one was just so beautiful....I simply couldn't resist! My plan from the … [Read more...]

A Sweet Little Dresser in Schloss Milk Paint

Schloss Dresser 1

 I was checking out some of my pictures on my computer the other day (which desperately need to be sorted and some anyone good at this?) and I realized that I had never shared this sweet little dresser with you! Yes it happens. I paint A LOT of furniture and sometimes it gets away from you I guess. I purchased this dresser from a gal ... I intended to purchase three dressers from … [Read more...]