Shutter Grey Highboy Makeover

A follower from my Facebook page just remarked that I find the best furniture. I think she's right! It's a competitive market around here as there are lots of painters vying for the same pieces though which is frustrating. I was more than happy to score this stately beauty! Isn't she gorgeous?? I had been waiting for the perfect piece to use one of my favorite milk paint colors on... I … [Read more...]

Shutter Grey Depression Cabinet

I found this cutie on Craigslist the other day....her cool inlay on the front door drew me in. I loved all those cool details! I couldn't decide what color to go with, but I knew for sure I wanted to use Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. Hmmmm...which color of the 25 would I choose? Sometimes color comes easy to me and sometimes not. I finally settled on Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in … [Read more...]

Shutter Blue Highboy

 I didn't intend to buy two awesome dressers. It just kinda happened. I stopped back to an antique shop to pick up a purchase from the previous week when I spotted two gorgeous dressers. I mean...they were right at the entrance to the store. How could I walk right by? So....I stopped. And impulsively bought them. Sometimes you have to search for pieces far and wide and at other times, … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Empire Dresser

Hi everyone! It is Monday morning and I am at it early today because I am excited to show you my latest makeover! The coffee helps, too :) I spotted this piece for sale on Craigslist...oh how much do I love Craigslist??? I messaged right away because I knew this piece was so awesome...I had to act fast on this one! The lady selling it was very kind and I headed out to pick it up that … [Read more...]