Guest Post: Pebble Beach Sideboard

Grey Sideboard 1 - Embracing Change

I am guest posting on Country Chic Paint's blog today about this piece... Isn't it an awesome piece??? Come and see how I used Country Chic's Paint in Pebble Beach to make her all pretty again! I love how she came out! Click HERE to see more about this sideboard...I would be so happy if you did!   … [Read more...]

Ugly Sideboard Makeover

Rustic black buffet 1 - Embracing Change

Oh my. This piece was not pretty. Whew. It's a little hard on the eyes. Maybe a little painful to even look at. I know what you are thinking.   What on Earth can be done to that piece?  It is REALLY ugly.   Yeah, I knew that when I got it, but I knew a little paint could save the day. Paint is an amazing thing.   Behold its power: This gorgeous hardware is from D. Lawless … [Read more...]

Rustic Sideboard Makeover: Losing The Veneer

Rustic Sideboard 1 - Embracing Change

If you follow Embracing Change on Facebook, you may remember me showing you this piece: I had asked you if peeling veneer scared you. I received feedback and most of you said yes, that lifting veneer intimidated you and you would shy away from purchasing a piece with veneer issues. Some of you showed no fear. The piece pictured above was for sale for a very reasonable price...I liked the lines … [Read more...]

Lessons In Thrifting


Remember the other day when I told you about the fabulous antique mahogany sideboard I had found on Craigslist? Thanks for all your encouraging comments by the way :o)Here was the picture I showed you: I was afraid I might lose it.  You see, sometimes with Craigslist, people sell things right out from under you especially if you aren't able to get there right away.  I wasn't sure if the seller … [Read more...]