Beauty and The Beast

Megan and I took on a huge makeover for the Blessed Nest the other month.  We scored a very cool table from someone on Craigslist - it was a fabulous find and we were doing the happy dance.  However, once the project began, we ran into several issues.  The project turned out to be a beast.  My vision for the table involved painting the bottom and refinishing the top.  Well, I put all my muscle … [Read more...]

The Making Of Red Hot Rhetta

I thought I would do a post on how I created Miss Red Hot Rhetta.  You see, she is a hottie.  Everyone agrees upon that.  I have received many compliments on her as well as questions about how I dressed her up, I thought I would write a post to help answer all the questions.  I not so much of a tutorial kind of girl.  I would like to be; but I am just much better as just freestyling (so to speak) … [Read more...]

A Salvaged Beauty: Meet Bold Beatrice

If you recall, I showed you this picture last evening of a treasure I scored purely by accident last week: She was headed to the burn pile.Can you believe it?Why don't people see what I do? The adorable legs.  The beautiful wood. All the character and charm in this piece?Are they blind?I digress.Obviously not everyone thinks like me.Probably a good thing really.I knew she needed a drastic change … [Read more...]

Vintage Desk Salvage: Another Treasure Saved From The Burn Pile!

He is a cool character this Clarence.Just wait and see.I had posted an ad on Freecycle looking for antique furniture people may wish to part with to restore as this is my hobby.No bites came for awhile. A few weeks later, a woman by the name of Cassie contacted me with an offer of an old desk she was going to put into the burn pile.  She thought she would check with me before she burned it to see … [Read more...]

Wicked Cool Stool

Remember this cool stool I showed you a little ways back?  I picked it up from an awesome antique barn near my home.  I don't really think it is an antique, but I love the shape and size of it.  I sanded the life out of it and restained it a rich dark brown.  Dark chocolate brown...yummy!  Here is where I began:And this is how it looks today:And now it functions quite nicely as my end table!That's … [Read more...]