My Summer Mantel

Summer Mantel 7 - Embracing Change

Time for a change up!  I have so much fun decorating my mantel.  I change it up every season.  This was my spring mantel: But with summer around the corner, I needed to change it up! I hand-painted, distressed and then waxed this summer subway sign. I adorned crocheted pillows with cheerful chevron ribbons. Soft felt handmade flowers on rough burlap - gotta love textures! Found a great … [Read more...]

My Summer Mantel


I love my fireplace mantel.  It is one of my favorite parts in my little house.  I love changing it up every season as well.  I wasn't even unpacked from my trip when the makeover original vision changed once I got going on it.  That happens to me all the time!  I decided upon a patriotic/nautical theme.  I made use of a scrapy wood flag I made last summer - click HERE to see that old … [Read more...]



        I am back from vacation and trying to get back into reality.  It is not an easy task ahead of me.  Like I had said before, I have a whole lot of things happening this week so coming back is not a gradual shift but rather like jumping into an ice cold lake.  Startling.  We returned early last eve.  I entered my home, took a last look around to enjoy my clean house and then began to unpack.  … [Read more...]

My Summer Mantel Reveal: Say Hello Yellow!


I can hardly believe it is time to switch seasons soon!  Summer is most definitely on the way - isn't that fabulous!?! Flip flops and picnics, here I come!  I switched over my fireplace mantel decor today from spring to summer.  I chose to use blues and yellows.  I created a bunch of art to use on the mantel...please say HELLO YELLOW!This is some art I created... I will share the tutorial this … [Read more...]