Farmhouse White Side Table Makeover

farmhouse white 1 - EC

Whew. It's been a busy week! Sometimes life gets away from me....and I lose my ability to balance it all and then I disappear from blogging for a few days. No worries. I am still here and painting away! Trust me ;) Managing my furniture painting business  keeps me pretty busy...not to mention caring for my kids and hubby. Now I am going to be starting to teach Miss Mustard Seed Milk … [Read more...]

Sweet Milk-Painted Drum Table

Drum Table 5 - EC

So I have another reveal for you tonight...sorry it is taking so L...O...N...G to get these to you, but life has been so busy! Last week, I hosted a big birthday party for my youngest and then the week began and thanks to a week of snow and ice, my kids were only in school 2 1/2 days last week. Whew. I need a full week to get anything done so I am quite behind! This week appears to be more … [Read more...]

Cute Gateleg Desk Makeover

Gateleg Desk 1 - Embracing Change

Do you remember seeing a picture of this piece on my Facebook page? This is such a cool gateleg desk which would also work well as a table. I loved it when I saw it on Craigslist...all those cute spindly legs! The pulls! What was not to love about this cute piece? After I purchased it, this desk actually sat in my garage for months. I have LOTS of things in my garage to redo, but I only pick … [Read more...]

Sweet Painted Desk

Black desk 1 - Embracing Change

 This desk was cute when I picked her up - I loved her hardware and lovely legs. It didn't take much to really make her shine! Behold the power of paint! … [Read more...]

Paisley Stenciled Side Table

Yellow Paisley 2 - Embracing Change

I am constantly on the hunt for furniture as you can imagine.  Shopping is a job!  Most times it is fun, but it can be work trying to find nice pieces to redo.  Luckily I found this pretty cool solid wood table online and I thought it had potential to be something lovely.  It had been sitting in someone's shed for a long while and certainly needed some lovin'. When I picked it up, it wasn't so … [Read more...]

Vintage End Tables

Rachel's End Tables 2 - EC

So we all seen those drum tables from the 1970's. Aw heck, I even had them when I was growing up. Yes, I am a child of the 70's. The tables are functional, but not necessarily pretty. A friend came to me and asked me to redo hers. I was more than happy to help. With paint, there is always hope! Here is where her tables began: I thought they had great potential. The hardware was kinda … [Read more...]

Garden Sofa Table

garden table 7 - Embracing Change

I purchased a very boring table this week. It looked a little like this: Now that table is from Target, but the one I purchased was very similar. I liked the simplicity. Clean lines. I couldn't wait to get to making her over! First, I used Minwax Dark Walnut Stain. {I love dark wood} Then I used a dry brushing technique to paint this piece - first I very sporadically dry brushed on Linen … [Read more...]

Yellow Sofa Table Makeover

Yellow sofa table 1 - Embracing Change

You know I love a good makeover. Take this table for instance: I liked the shape of the table, but the colors did not appeal.  I know this may appeal to some of you, but I would have passed it right by.  I thought it needed a softer and more cottage look. The answer was new paint!  I painted this cute table in Somerset Gold by General Finishes.  It is a lovely and warm yellow color. I also … [Read more...]

Cottage Sofa Table Facelift

Cottage Sofa Table 8 - Embracing Change

I really love making over sofa tables..they are such versatile pieces of furniture and the ideas for making them over are endless! I am always on the lookout for them although they are always snatched up so quickly, I barely stand a chance. Here is a cutie I did manage to find the other day: I liked it immediately upon seeing this picture and knew I could bring out her natural charm.  I messaged … [Read more...]

My Harvest Table and My NEW Lamp!

Harvest Table 1 - Embracing Change

I am sure I am like everyone else when I say that I am in the mood for some fall decorating. Fall is upon us.  It actually just arrived here in Lancaster County or at least it feels like it as last week was in the 80's!  This week is feeling much more seasonal which makes decorating so much more fun!  I painted a boring sofa table the other day if you is what it looked like … [Read more...]