Striking Buffet in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Typewriter

black buffet 1- EC

    She was lovely before's true. Can you imagine how much more with paint?? I purchased this from a furniture shop and opted not to buy the top piece rather using the base as simply a buffet. I loved her curves and that hardware was pretty awesome! I envisioned her as elegant and perfect for someone's dining room so I chose to paint her up in Miss Mustard Seed's … [Read more...]

Antique Beauty in Miss Mustard Seed’s Typewriter Milk Paint

black dresser 1 - ec

This dresser caught my eye when I spotted her. She beckoned me from across the room. This girl has PRESENCE. My apologies for the lack of a before picture...I think I was pretty excited to get started and just jumped right in! Her mirror was just a frame as the mirror had been broken in the past. The frame was gorgeous though. I wasn't certain if I wanted to incur the cost of having a new … [Read more...]

Stunning Vanity in Typewriter

classy vanity 5- EC

 I spend lots of time shopping for great pieces of furniture to makeover. When I spotted this one, I was all over it. This classic antique beauty certainly had my full attention. I chose to paint her in Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Typewriter (with bonding agent)  which is such a pretty black. I wanted her to have a glamorous and classy look. I distressed her a bit and then sealed her … [Read more...]

Layered Milk-Painted Desk Makeover

schlosstypewriter desk 1

I spotted this gem of a desk at a favorite haunt of mine...I wasn't even IN THE DOOR when I spotted it. I thought it was such a cool piece - so unique. It was older and I thought it may have even been handmade by the looks of it. I liked that it has straight and simple lines and that this was a piece a guy would be equally as likely to own as a gal. When I shop for pieces, I always bear in … [Read more...]

Antique Desk in Typewriter Milk Paint

Typewriter Desk 1 - EC

This week, I found an amazing antique desk for sale on Craigslist. I had scanned the site just before bed and immediately spotted it. It is just my style! I messaged right away and she responded quickly mentioning it was first come first serve. So I picked it up at 830 am the next morning. I don't play. I know how Craigslist works and most times, you have to move QUICK. This was no … [Read more...]

Stunning Typewriter Milk Painted Dresser Makeover

Black Highboy 4 - EC

Happy Mother's Day to you all! I spent the day going to church and then spending the afternoon at my Mother-In-Laws for some burgers and dogs on the grill followed by a game of wiffle ball. It was fun! I opted to put off really celebrating until the next weekend as my husband and I have an awesome night out planned followed by a trip to Leesburg, Virginia to attend the Luckett's Spring … [Read more...]

Black-Milk Painted Rustic Dresser

black empire before - EC

 I was actually picking up another piece when I was introduced to this ruggedly handsome fella. He was just old solid wood stunner for sure. He was for sale, but he was a little out of my budget. Drat. I left with the piece I had come to pick up, but I couldn't get this dresser out of my mind. I decided to throw the seller a message as if I were throwing a baited line into the … [Read more...]

Victrola Record Cabinet in Milk Paint

radio cabinet 3 - Embracing Change

          I have been going out on yard sale excursions with my Mom at least 2-3 times a month over the summer. I usually pick her up at her house at 6:30 am and off we go. We are relentless out looking for deals on things especially (in my case) furniture. This summer I have struggled to find much if any furniture at all which has been pretty when I saw this gorgeous old … [Read more...]

Beautiful Rustic Dresser: The BIG Transformation

Rustic Black 1 - Embracing Change

I found this sweetheart of a dresser this past weekend...I made time to go pick it up and didn't hesitate. I have found that if you wait, you can easily lose an item. That was not a risk I was willing to make so I rushed right over. What I found was a dresser with loads of potential..and goopy, thick red paint. The paint was pretty much just slopped on. It almost had the consistency of a … [Read more...]

Typewriter Milk Painted Buffet

Typewriter Buffet 2 -  Embracing Change

 I purchased a great dry sink from a lady last week. It was a Craigslist find and the seller was an extremely kind-hearted lady. I had to drive out to Amish Country in Lancaster County to pick it up - it was a glorious day with buggies abound. I loved every second. After loading it in my Jeep, she casually mentioned that she had a dresser in her cellar and she could send me pics if I was … [Read more...]