Vanity in Ironstone Milk Paint

ironstone vanity shop- EC

I had been searching for great pieces to paint as my stash was low. Finding pieces in the winter can be a challenge. People simply are not in clean out mode. A woman contacted me as she was looking to sell a vanity. Turns out her daughter wasn't using it and it was just sitting around taking up space. Isn't that a darn shame? My eyes about fell out of the sockets when I saw the piece she had … [Read more...]

Stunning Vanity in Typewriter

classy vanity 5- EC

 I spend lots of time shopping for great pieces of furniture to makeover. When I spotted this one, I was all over it. This classic antique beauty certainly had my full attention. I chose to paint her in Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Typewriter (with bonding agent)  which is such a pretty black. I wanted her to have a glamorous and classy look. I distressed her a bit and then sealed her … [Read more...]

Paris Grey Vanity Makeover

paris grey vanity 1 - EC

I had to drive a good 45 minutes one way to pick up this sweet vanity...but I think it was worth it. Isn't she darling??? I couldn't resist her charm. I painted her up in Annie Sloan's Paris Grey and distressed her all over. I sealed up the entire piece in Annie Sloan's Clear Wax and buffed it to a nice sheen when I was finished. I added some seriously adorable polka dotted knobs to top it … [Read more...]

Grain Sack Milk Painted Vanity

Grain Sack Vanity 1 - EC

 When I spotted this cute vanity for sale, I got a little excited. The picture I saw wasn't nearly as clear as the one  posted here, but I knew she was a diamond in the rough. Just the way I like 'em :) She had such great details! I really loved her cute little knobs as well - they were so cute and petite! She had great potential! I chose to a new color - Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in … [Read more...]

French Provincial Writing Desk in Artissimo Milk Paint

french desk 5 - Embracing Change

I love French furniture. It is just so classy and sophisticated. So when I find a piece like this, I jump. I found this lovely French writing desk for sale and I pounced on it. With so much competition around me as well as people taking advantage of the warm weather to paint and dabble in furniture refinishing,. finding good pieces can be a struggle. It is a bit insane...but we can address … [Read more...]

Exquisite Emma: Sophisticated Vanity Makeover

Vanity 1 - Embracing Change

This one didn't start out so exquisite. She had to grow into that title. She started out relatively boring and quite understated. I loved her curves. She had more to give than she showed...she was in need of some sparkle. Her feminine beauty needed unleashed. I was hoping I make her over so you could see her hidden beauty. I used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Trophy and Miss Mustard … [Read more...]

Distressed Black Desk Makeover

Fine Black Desk 2 - Embracing Change

When I saw this desk/vanity, I immediately knew I had to have it.  It was a stunning piece with natural beauty.  The wood was in great shape and it was solid.  No veneer at all on this piece.  It was clearly quality. When I found this tag in the drawer, it confirmed just what I thought.  This is a beautiful piece built to last.  I felt I needed to bring out her natural wood grain with lots of … [Read more...]

Marvelous Marigold Vanity Makeover and Tutorial

vanity tutorial - repairing leg

Good evening everyone! Whew..what a weekend! We were busy and now I need a break. It's not even Monday yet. I have been so buy with so many projects that I am likely going to take it a bit easier this week. I need to. I need to take the time to sit and respond to email.  This is always my downfall. I fall far behind and quickly.  Please forgive me if I have neglected to respond to your … [Read more...]

Marvelous Marigold: Antique Vanity Makeover

Marvelous Marigold - full view of vanity

I am excited to share this makeover today! I had asked for your thoughts on what you would do to dress up this old beauty? She was pretty when I found her and I gasped when I went to pick her up. She was even better than I thought! The picture listed on Craigslist did her no justice. She was listed for sale at $50, bt since I always try to score a bargain, I offered her $35 for the … [Read more...]

1940′s Antique Vanity Makoever


My friend Megan and I (we work together with the Blessed Nest) purchased this stunning antique vanity as part of a set of three pieces of furniture.  The owner told us it was her Grandmother's from the 1940's.  We were blessed to find two dressers included with it as a set - one of which has already been remade and since sold.  When we this kind woman showed us the pieces, it took everything in … [Read more...]