Halloween Vignette

Halloween Tree 2

 Good morning! Have you been decorating for the fall season? I certainly have. I actually love fall and decorating with pumpkins and mums is right up my alley. Honestly, as a blogger, I think there is a great deal of pressure to completely go nuts over the holidays. Crafting this, making that...it can be a bit overwhelming and as a result, I feel so much pressure to follow suit and do what … [Read more...]

Cute Fall Vignette


I am getting ready for fall!  Comes quick round here in Northeast Pennsylvania!  Blink too long and you may miss it.  Winter comes fast and fierce and lasts a long while so I fully intend to soak up as much of the fall season as I can.  It is my favorite time.  The air invigorates me immensely.  I am changing over the decor in my home and thought I would share a vignette I did which incorporates … [Read more...]