Sweet Antique Server

I loved this sweet server the second I laid eyes on her! She was petite and I really liked her lines. The curved front doors were so unique and I couldn't wait to get my paint brush on her! I thought she would look superb with a little color :) I had seen Marion of Miss Mustard Seed had just painted up a cottage bed in a custom mixed milk paint color (Bespoke color) of 1/2  Boxwood and 1/2 … [Read more...]

Creative Inspirations Features and Linky Party

Good morning! How are you doing friends? With the winding down of sports and school, things have been VERY busy with me! I am sure you are feeling the same! First, let's see some features from last week's party! Mini and Moist Banana Muffins by Brooklyn Farm Girl DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving by Repurpose and Upcycle Updating the Dresser by Wonderfully Made by Leslie Thanks for the … [Read more...]

Old White Stunner

I had to make an hour drive one way for this beauty. I don't mind driving, but not knowing what you might find once you get there can be unnerving. You just hope it will be worth the trip. It's a gamble. Once I got where I was going I realized that I had made a good decision as this art deco era dresser was wicked cool. I don't think I have ever seen one quite so detailed! Check out all … [Read more...]

Creative Inspirations Linky Party and Features

Hi friends! Hope you are doing well! Life has been exceptionally crazy at my house. We are currently house hunting and under a great deal of stress as a result. It is NOT AT ALL LIKE HOUSE HUNTERS my friends. Trying to find the right school district and a work space for me within the budget is proving to be very hard. Anyway, let's talk features from last week's party! Greenhouse … [Read more...]

Handsome Empire Dresser in Artissimo

Oh my goodness. When I saw this dresser posted on Craigslist, I fell in love quickly! Such a stately and handsome dresser and the mirror was spectacular. I made an offer a bit lower than the asking price and sent it of hoping for the best. I always stay within my specified furniture budget when shopping for pieces and I rarely allow myself to go above and beyond so often that means I make … [Read more...]

Creative Inspirations Linky Party and Features

Good morning! Time for another great party! My apologies for not posting last night, but my life has been more than a little crazy lately. Last week, we received notice that our landlord would like to sell the home we currently rent SO we have been facing BIG life decisions... rent, buy...what's next? This is my current situation. Bear with me folks! Let's talk features...last week's party … [Read more...]

Cottage Dresser in Arles

I spotted this adorable little dresser on a Facebook sale site and I was immediately drawn in. She was so perfectly cute and the wood was in such nice shape. I had her delivered without having gone to check her out first which is always risky, but I was not disappointed. I had to secure one spot that had gotten loose over the years, but she was a fantastic petite dresser - so charming! I … [Read more...]

Creative Inspirations Linky Party and Features

 Hi everyone! Welcome to the Creative Inspirations Linky Party at Embracing Change! Let's get started right away with some lovely features from last week's party! Master Bedroom Refresh by Grandma's House DIY Octopus by Howling at the Moon Paper Bag Planters by Somewhat Simple  So inspiring! Let’s get to the party…can’t wait! Please link up anything you have created – DIY projects, … [Read more...]

Creative Inspirations Linky Party and Features

 Good morning friends! Welcome to the Creative Inspirations Linky Party at Embracing Change! Thanks for coming back week after week to share all your ideas, thoughts and creations with us :) How about some features from last week's party? Creamy Ham Chowder by Marilyn's Treats Dry Brush Painting Technique on Furniture by Thirty-Eighth Street  Laundry Room on a Budget by Lolly … [Read more...]

Pure White Pretty

I bought the prettiest dresser the other week from a furniture friend of mine. I was happy to find her! The chest was pretty when I got her, but needed some OOMPH. She was solid with great lines and ample storage, but she was BORING. Blah.| She needed some personality! But my heart always goes pitter patter for Depression-Era pieces like this... I wanted to keep her simple ... elegant. I … [Read more...]