Rustic Boxwood Dresser Makeover

BW 1- EC

My friend was selling a dresser that she had never got around to refinishing. I was excited to check it out as buying pieces is a challenge as there are LOTS of people painting where I live...makes me crazy.  Her BEFORE picture wasn't so bad...she was super cute and would be lovely with a little TLC. I had a vision about what I wanted to do with her right way! I used Miss Mustard Seed's Milk … [Read more...]

Creative Inspirations Linky Party and Features

banner paddys

Welcome to the party! I got home so late last eve from my haircut so my apologies for waiting until this early morning to post the party! Thanks again for joining us! Last week brought some great features...such as these three which caught my eye: How to Make a DIY Burlap Banner by Just Measuring Up Bunny Back-End Banner by Eclectic Red Barn Clearly I am into banners today. New … [Read more...]

Cheerful Dresser in Arles

Arles 9 - EC

Alas another piece I made over that I was so eager to get started with that I forgot to take a before picture! Please don't throw tomatoes at me...surely I make mistakes like this all the time. I confess I was very eager to try out some yellow paint. I was feeling YELLOW. Sometimes I feel in color ;) I painted up this adorable dresser with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Arles...a color I have … [Read more...]

Creative Inspirations Linky Party and Features

snow day 2017

The last two days in Pennsylvania we received nearly all of our winter's snowfall ... winter was rolling along just fine and then BAM...March arrived. It sure came in like a LION! February was so wonderful...warm, pleasant, and I was even out running a few times in just a long sleeve shirt. I even turned the heat off in the house for a few days fort the LOVE of PETE. Oh well...I figure spring … [Read more...]

Boxwood Buffet: Quite the Transformation

boxwood beauty before

 I was interested in this piece when I saw it posted on Craigslist, but I wasn't 100% sold for some reason. I didn't know why, but I was uncertain and thought it best to swing by and see it in person. I figured I could be convinced. When I went to see it, I was even less sure. I thought it was kinda ugly to be honest. The owner used a can of deep red spray paint on it and it was pretty … [Read more...]

Creative Inspirations Linky Party and Features

desk wow

Welcome to the PARTY! My apologies for disappearing for the's been a crazy one! My husband was in Haiti for the week and I was juggling all the stuff at home. I didn't get much painting or blogging done this week! I missed it. But...he's back and we are working on resuming some normalcy around the house...whatever THAT is. I am glad you stopped by! First, let's see some features … [Read more...]

Handsome Dresser in Artissimo

navy 1 EC

Ooops...I did it again. I painted a piece without snapping a picture of it first. Why do I do that?? My apologies. I like to show you the before so that you can fully appreciate the after and how far it has come. I also love to showcase the awesomeness that painting a piece can create! So...without further ado...I painted up the cutest dresser using Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in … [Read more...]

Creative Inspirations Linky Party and Features

spring pic

 Welcome to the PARTY! I am excited to see what you all have been up to! First, let's check out the features from last week's party! Such fun! Corn and Bean Salsa by Excel at Home Farmhouse Signs by Simply September Simple Gift Updated by Two Chicks and a Mom Thanks for sharing! Let's do it again! Please link up anything you have created – DIY projects, crafts, room makeovers, … [Read more...]

Stunning Old White Buffet

wht buff 1 - ec

 This buffet was STUNNING when I picked her up. She was pretty even then. That isn't always the case, but it was for this big beauty. I knew I had to add some hardware on the doors, but I was perfectly ok with that. My husband was a doll as he picked her up for me after a work meeting the other day...I figured he was out that way so why not? Multitasking can be either good or a curse...I … [Read more...]

Creative Inpirations Linky Party and Features


Welcome friends! Sorry I have been quiet over has been too busy and I am swamped. I am trying to slow down a bit, but sometimes that process isn't easy! Thanks for showing up week after week! You are good to me :) First let's show the features from last week's party... Spring Fever by Sweet Inspirations by JP Giant Paper Flowers by Simplejoys Chocolate Dipped Bananas with … [Read more...]