My Ramblings: Paint to Sell or Paint to Create

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The furniture painting business is a tough gig. I mean it's about the oddest job you could imagine - painting late nights a coat here and there and working around family commitments, driving all over the place to pick up furniture that may or may not even be nice, meeting with complete strangers in their homes and trying to be wise about safety, and laying on the cold garage floor to paint at … [Read more...]

Creative Inspirations Linky Party and Features


Welcome to the Creative Inspirations Linky Party at Embracing Change! I am glad you are here my friends! Let's start by checking out last week's features before the party begins! Chocolate Fusion Desk by Creative Moments Tangerine Yogurt Dream by Comfort Spring Grill Station Tutorial by Grandma's House DIY Thanks for sharing! Let's see what you have for us tonight! Please link up … [Read more...]

Stunning Church Pew Makeover

church pew 1 - ec

I jumped on this one RIGHT AWAY. Wouldn't you? Check out this awesome antique church pew I found for sale on a Facebook sale site...I was so excited about it! I was more than happy to drive a bit to pick her up. Based on this picture, I wondered if the wood could even be left as is as it looked so lovely, but once I got there, I saw it was not in the best of shape as it had markings and … [Read more...]

Creative Inspirations Linky Party and Features


Welcome to the party my friends! So happy you are guys inspire me in so many ways :) Here are the features from last week's party... Winter Fireplace by Penny's Vintage Home Christmas Eve Dinner for 14 by Sweet Inspirations by JP Before and After: Vinyl Flooring by Lolly Jane Now it's YOUR TURN! Please link up anything you have created – DIY projects, crafts, room makeovers, … [Read more...]

Sweet Farmhouse White Dresser


I was so eager to get painting this adorable dresser up that I forgot to take a before picture! I am so sorry about that! I suppose it happens. Plus with my time being tied up with a part-time job other than painting I have to move FAST when I do have some spare time. Anyway, I found this sweet antique dresser on Craigslist. It was just my style. I was pretty happy when I messaged the seller … [Read more...]

A Bit of Christmas


I am beginning to realize just how far I have strayed away from sharing about my own personal life and experiences on this blog. I share about my furniture makeovers and such, but not much else. I am not sure why...may not having enough time has factored into it, too. I am now working to refinish furniture as well as a part-time job for the local school district in addition to parenting two … [Read more...]

Creative Inspirations Linky Party


Hi everyone! Happy 2017! I can hardly believe that Christmas has flown by and we are beginning the New Year! How in the heck did that all happen in such record time? So much work, planning and anticipating and it just FLIES by! My dog Jelly Bean was JUST as excited for Christmas day as my girls me! Well, let's ring in this NEW YEAR by highlighting your creativity! Let's get … [Read more...]

Stately Secretary Desk Makeover


I put this project OFF for MONTHS. Big pieces always seem to get pushed off to the side. It's much more fun to work on pieces quickly and get immediate gratification because of the fast end result. So....there she sat pushed to the furthest back corner of my lonely garage. Waiting...waiting.... Finally after nearly a year, I got around to working on her. It was BEYOND time! I played with … [Read more...]

Sweet Buffet Makeover


Whew. The holidays are so busy aren't they? I admit I got swept away in busyiness despite trying NOT to do so. I am not sure I mentioned this, but in addition to running my furniture painting business, I took on a part-time job as well. Time has been so tight! I am adjusting this new schedule and working on my side business outside of my other job so its been a little crazy. Sorry if I … [Read more...]

Creative Inspirations Linky Party and Features


Good evening to you on this busy holiday week! Are you ready for Christmas? I am not! I suppose it will all come together... I am choosing not to worry about it. Here are some of my favorite features from last week's party first...then onto our party! Antique Chair Revival by Redo It Yourself Inspirations Christmas Drawings by Howling at the Moon Building a Floor to Ceiling Bookshelf … [Read more...]