My Ramblings: Paint to Sell or Paint to Create

The furniture painting business is a tough gig. I mean it's about the oddest job you could imagine - painting late nights a coat here and there and working around family commitments, driving all over the place to pick up furniture that may or may not even be nice, meeting with complete strangers in their homes and trying to be wise about safety, and laying on the cold garage floor to paint at … [Read more...]

Part Two: The Glorious Reward of Stripping a Dresser

Yesterday I told you all about this great find I purchased from a yard sale...a sweet dresser that I immediately fell in love with! This is how she looked the day I purchased her: I knew I needed to remove her heavy, glossy and gross brown paint before I could do anything else.  Click HERE if you missed that post so you can how I got her all ready for her makeover by first stripping off this … [Read more...]

Stripping a Dresser: The Beginning of the Journey

     This post is going to come in two we will take about the grunt labor part.  Let's get the hard stuff out of the way first, shall we?  A few weeks ago on an early morning yard sale excursion while en route we drove by someone just beginning to st up for their yard sale.  It was 7 am mind you and who would ever be ready at that hour?  I immediately stopped when I saw this from … [Read more...]