My Ramblings: Paint to Sell or Paint to Create

The furniture painting business is a tough gig. I mean it's about the oddest job you could imagine - painting late nights a coat here and there and working around family commitments, driving all over the place to pick up furniture that may or may not even be nice, meeting with complete strangers in their homes and trying to be wise about safety, and laying on the cold garage floor to paint at … [Read more...]

Furniture Find Friday: Craigslist

Welcome to Furniture Find Friday (on Saturday that is).  Sorry I am a day was a late night out with the hubs catching dinner and a movie...Ironman 3!  It was awesome!! So I am back this morning with our next installment of our Furniture Find Fridays series and today we are going to talk about Craigslist.  People are always asking me where I get my furniture pieces so this series was set … [Read more...]

Furniture Find Friday: Part Three {Thrift Stores}

Welcome to part three of the Furniture Find Friday series at Embracing Change! First of all, my apologies. I completely forgot to post about this series last week.  It just left my mind. Apparently I have swiss cheese for brains. I am back this week to talk about part three of this series: thrift stores. I am preaching to the choir when I say thrift stores are your friend. Shoot. You know … [Read more...]

Furniture Find Friday: Part Two {Business Acquaintances/Networking}

Welcome back to our little series on how to find thrifted furniture!  So many people have asked me how I find such nice pieces and I thought this would best be addressed in a series of posts on what I do to find nice stuff.  Honestly, it has been slim pickins' lately for me so I sure hope it picks up, but for now, these are the sources that have always worked for me.  Last week, I spoke about one … [Read more...]